2019-2020 Rule changes

2019-2020 Rule changes

By Stu Entwistle
23 July
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The key rules explained

One of our most experienced umpires, Ian Turley, has put his take on some of the new rules that will be live for the coming season.

There are also mobile apps that have all the hockey rules in, it would be worthwhile everyone in the club to download this.


2.2 – Mandatory Experiment: a team no longer has the option to play with a player with goalkeeping privileges. This means that teams either play with a Goalkeeper or 11 outfield players
No more kicking back, i.e. a player that could kick the ball in the D. This was confusing as players were supposed to play in different colour etc. So either 11 outfield or 10 outfields and a goalie.

9.12 – Very minor clarification of third party or shadow obstruction during a penalty corner on defenders (and a goalkeeper).
Basically, attackers cannot just run in front of a defender i.e. so that they cannot block defenders running out.

12.4 – Clarification added to the awarding of a Penalty Stroke if the ball hits a piece of equipment lying in the circle and a probable goal is prevented, a penalty stroke may be awarded.
If there is anything on the floor and the ball hits it and is prevented from being a goal then it’s a flick. E.g. helmets, sticks, gloves.

13.1 – A free hit awarded to the defence within the defensive circle can be taken anywhere in their circle OR taken up to 15 metres from the back-line in line with the location of the offence, parallel to the side-line.
Back to the old rule, just allows for quicker play. E.g. Shot from left and ball goes out on left but travels to right behind the goal, the ball can then be taken from right for quick play. Previously it would have to be taken back to left.

13.2 – Additional wording in the guidance concerning the re-start after awarding a Free Hit to the attacking team within 5 metres of the circle they are attacking. The introduction of a quick self-pass for these Free Hits allows the defenders to stay within the circle, within 5m and not interfere with the play until the ball can legitimately enter the circle. If there is no quick self-pass, then ALL defenders, regardless of location in the 23m, have to retreat 5m if they wish to legitimately play the ball once the Free Hit is taken.
No more “shadowing” attackers by defenders when the ball is near the D unless a quick self-pass is awarded. Basically, everyone now has to be 5 metres away.
The quick pass is really just like outfield play when a foal is taken quickly. I.e. no one can tackle until 5 metres.
The quick pass just prevents unnecessary shorts when none was intended.

13.3.g – Clarification on defending the team’s responsibilities when defending a Penalty Corner when playing with no Goalkeeper.
Defenders are just defenders, even with 5 back. No one can act as a goalie so cannot kick the ball.

13.5 – Removal of previous rule of when a Penalty Corner is finished if time has already lapsed and clarification that if play during a Penalty Corner is stopped because of an injury or for any other reason during the taking of a penalty corner at the end of a quarter or half and a bully would otherwise be awarded, the penalty corner must be taken again.

A technical point on ending short corners at time, removed. And some stuff around bully that is technical too. Basically a short is given rather than the bully.

13.6.e – change to the current rule, now if an attacker enters the circle at a Penalty Corner before permitted, the player taking the push or hit from the backline is required to go beyond the centre-line and the Penalty Corner is taken again.
New rule! Currently, if the attacker encroaches into the D at shorts, that player is sent back to the halfway. This meant that it had no real significance on the short corner. Now when this happens, the injector has to go back to the halfway – obviously, this has more significance!

13.7.e – if a team has chosen to play with eleven outfield players and no goalkeeper, if they concede a Penalty Stroke then this explains what protective equipment is permitted for the defender.
Basically, the player has to wear a helmet.

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